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Phase series
P153 is a large-scale full range speaker, which is designed for mid& small performances, no need any subwoofer. Its lower band can extend down to 40Hz. P153 applied one MF& HF coaxial horn(10” MF), the MF& HF sound ranges reaches 40M, extremely outstanding for outdoor stage using.

The enclosure consists of a 15″ LF driver,10″ MF driver and a 44mm composite aluminum diaphragm HF compression driver. The HF compression driver and MF driver forms coaxial structure.  The voice coil of LF driver is 75mm, and the speaker frame is made of aluminum. The horizontal coverage of the HF horn is 80°, the vertical coverage of rotatable horn is 40 °. P153 provides 6pcs flying tracks used for fixed installations or hanging and angle modulation in touring performance.  The cabinet is made of 18mm plywood, and finished with black durable water paint.Two handle cups are mounted on the top and bottom of the enclosure for easy carrying and transporting. The rear panel plate carries two parallel SPEAKON NL4MP connectors for loop in and loop out connections. The enclosure is well protected by black mesh grill and acoustical sponge.

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