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Product » LA Series » LA110
LA110 line array is a mini two way system, which provides 60Hz-18KHz frequency response, with flat frequency and phase response. One 75mm neodymium compression driver matches one 10” neodymium low-frequency driver to generate ultrahigh headroom, effectively decrease the weight of the enclosure, and obviously improve the ratio of SPL and Volume.
LA110 utilizes one 350W, 10” paper cone neodymium LF driver in Low& Mid frequency part. A exclusively designed Mid-frequency Phase Plug installed in front of LF driver, effectively prevent the interference caused by MF comb filter, and optimize MF directivity.  In HF part, one 75mm neodymium compression driver is combined with a plane wave transducer to generate accordant wave front. High frequency component with sensitivity up to 112dB is formed by one 75mm neodymium compression driver, waveguide and one exponential horn. The compact LA110 can achieve max 137dB SPL output.
ZSOUND LA110 is a trapezoidal enclosure designed to make the two cabinets as close as possible, so as to reduce the cluster’s invalid vocal gap and minimize the vertical side lobe. Each enclosure is adjustable from angle 0°to 5°, 1°per step, as well as 7.5° and 10°, totally 8 angles. Whilst 16 enclosures are hanging together, the rigging kids provide 7:1 safety factor.
The enclosure is made by multi-laminate plywood, with panel board in size 18 mm and other side parts in size 15mm. It is finished by black textured water paint with high resistance. Two inserted handle cups are mounted in both sides of the enclosure for easy lifting and carrying. The rear panel connector plate carries 2 Neutrik Speakon NL4MP connectors for loop in and loop out connections.1+1- is for the LF driver, and 2+2- is for the HF driver. Furthermore, the enclosure is well protected by the black mesh grill with the acoustically reticulated foam.


Small-sale bi-amp system
Neodymium driver, ultra-high headroom
High SPL-to-Volume ratio

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