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Product » S Series » S15B

Zsound has been paying great attention to create ultra-low frequency loudspeaker, for the LF is the essence of music, and subwoofer is the natural extension for the system. Designing procedures in Zsound include: large numbers of the linearity and non-linearity surveys, constant AES power measurement, detailed computer modeling, complete prototyping, and exhaustive comparative analysis.  And then, the specifically designed OEM procedure can efficiently optimize the available resources of all bandwidth, as well as performance of the whole system. Therefore, S15B subwoofer is the optimal complement and extension for Zsound Loudspeakers.

S15B subwoofer can be used in conjunction with P15, P12, and P10, and it can make the sub-frequency extend to 35Hz.

S15B is a bass reflex regulating enclosure, comprising a 15” straight radiating LF driver, which can supply excellent cone coverage and maintain thermo-compression even working under ultra high SPL. The design of the reflex enclosure provides more advantages for bass energy, which is more convenient for airflow circulating. Compared with previous products, configuration of S15B is more fashionable. Coupled with the latest riser vent, it has been effectively increased SPL output with 3 dB.)


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