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Product » P Series » P10
Zsound P10 is a medium scale two-way passive system, utilizing the latest Phase control technology, with bandwidth ranges from 65Hz to 20KHz. Combining with SB series subwoofer, the frequency response will extend to 45Hz.
The enclosure features a 10〞LF driver and a 2〞(diaphragm) HF compression driver mounted on a constant directivity horn, with the Phase correction technology to eliminate distortion between LF units and keep smooth frequency and Phase response.
P10 consist of an adoptive crossover network, the given design would ensure the two drivers work together appropriately and perfect.
The loudspeaker is designed to comprise 50-100 °X55 °constant directivity coverage, to restore smooth frequency and Phase response. Moreover, any acoustic cancellation will not occur, even work in different frequencies.
The trapezoidal enclosure perfectly match multifunctional sound-reinforcement system with a fixed 30°angle,and a 60°angle (vertical) to achieve either short or long-distance stage monitoring. The enclosure shall be of a multi-laminated birch by construction with integral pole mount and threaded inserts for wall and ceiling mounting. Besides, the additional T10 bracket can be taken the best advantages to be fully fixed. (Besides, accessory T10 bracket is to be used in hanging for fixing operation in all-direction.)

The loudspeaker is widely used in varies of applications, such as monitoring in recording studio, sound reinforcement in theatre, concert hall, exhibition center, clubs and so forth. This loudspeaker creates beautiful timbre reaching studio recording requirement. It is widely used as stage monitoring, sound reinforcement in theatre, concert hall, exhibition hall, clubs and so forth


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