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Product » K Series » K312A
K312A is a passive three way trapezoidal vented enclosure, designed for all kinds of languages and sound reinforcement applications, as well as varies of fixed installations.
K312 consists of a point-blank 12″LF cone driver, a 6.5″MF driver and a 44mm HF polyester film compression driver. The voice cone of LF is 65mm, the tweeterhorn with 80°X 80°angle, can allow for near-ceiling installation easy in venues with restricted height. K312 provides 12 M8 rigging points used for suspension and angular accommodation in fixed installatioins and touring applifications. It’s configured with a 35mm Top hat under the cabinet.The cabinet is constructed by 15mm Mid-density plywood, and finished with hard wearing brown textured water paint. A recessed handle cup is mounted under the enclosure for easy lifting and carrying. A rear plate connector plate carries 2 SPEAKON  NL4MP connectors in parallel. The cabinet is well protected by black mesh grill with acoustical foam inside.


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