Zsound Support “ What Women Want” concert

        Recently, one concert named “ What Women Want” was held in Guangzhou Stadium, there are many super stars who attended this show, including Tommy, Priscilla Chan, Winnie, and Fan Fan. Besides, their classic songs bringed a different fesitival for audience.

        During the show, PLA company acted in concert with ZSOUND Audio, they used a series of audio equipment to finish this concert perfect , including 28pcs LA212 dual 12inch line array speaker as FOH, 20pcs LA110 single 10inch line array speaker as sidefill, 12pcs SS2 dual 18inch subwoofer speaker, 4pcs LA110 bass, 9pcs CM15 stage coaxial monitor, M44 digital processor, MA series switch mode power amplifier, Yamaha PM5D-RH digital mixer, PLA MS01, Sennheiser HD280 monitor earphone and Sennheiser E series microphone.

        And PLA used EASE FOCUS software to design sound system, excellent voice covered each area of the auditorium, which also improved the interaction between singers and audience. Meanwhile, Tommy who is the king of humor and funny made a lively atmosphere.

        Moreover, none of singers took tuner in the show, all was operated by PLA engineers, and about ZSOUND audio, they said: “ using zsound equipment, we can install & remove fast, easy to debug is our first choice all the time !”









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